300 Blackout Barrels for Sale

For marksmen who value accuracy but wish to reduce recoil and loud rifle blasts during training sessions, a 300 Blackout SBR barrel is one of the best upgrades to buy for the M4 carbine. Right to Bear Arms and Supply has the best selection of quality 300 Blackout barrels for sale from leading manufacturers, including Ballistic Advantage, CMMG, ODIN Works and more.


The 300 Blackout rounds that fire with these ultra-durable barrels were specifically designed to suppress both sound and flash during combat. Gun enthusiasts increasingly prefer these rounds for anything from target practice to field training due to their discreet noise profile and well-maintained level of accuracy.


In order for the rounds to perform on the level of the AR15, 300 Blackout upgrades for the M4 carbine are necessary to ensure friction doesn’t cause damage to the upper assembly or barrel over time. Among the upgrades, a 300 Blackout short barrel with a corrosion-resistant finish, such as Ballistic Advantage’s Quench Polish Quench, provides a barrel assembly that fires smoothly without causing damage to the weapon due to multiple firings.