Gas Blocks and Tubes

For anyone who is planning on purchasing a new AR or building one from scratch, it’s essential to understand how an AR15 gas system works, since a properly working gas system will greatly affect how the rifle performs. An AR cycles with the gases generated by each shot. How well the gun cycles depends on how well your gas system works. With a variety of low-profile gas blocks and tubes, you can fine-tune your weapon to cycle perfectly every time. A mid-length gas tube and block or other length is easy to change if you have a set of Allen wrenches.


If you use different loads and different weight projectiles from the same rifle, you know the proper cycling can be an issue. If the gas system is the wrong length, it will either wear out too quickly or cause the rifle to cycle improperly. With adjustable gas blocks, you can calibrate the system to run every load perfectly. If that's not enough or you need a bit more adjustment than the block gives, add an adjustable gas key. Replace the gas tube and block at the same time to get the most from your upgrades. We have several options for low-profile gas blocks including .625 gas blocks and .750 gas blocks from Spike’s Tactical, Yankee Hill and others. We even have the hard-to-find .875 gas block and tube.


At Right to Bear, Arms and Supply, we carry a full line of AR15 gas impingement parts of the highest quality at the lowest prices available. Among our most popular gas tubes are options for mid-length gas tubes, carbine-length gas tubes and Melonite gas tubes for reduced friction. Buy all your AR gas system parts from our online store and enjoy the lowest prices and fast shipping on all orders.