Faxon Firearms AR15 Barrels - Free Shipping

We have a wide selection of high quality Faxon Firearms barrels for sale for AR15 and M4 rifles. Faxon pencil barrels have the thinnest profile barrel on the market. Additionally, Faxon Pencil Barrels are the lightest weight barrels available. We carry Faxon gunner profile barrels, as well as options for pistol-length, mid-length, carbine-length and rifle length barrels. Our Faxon Firearms barrels come in 416 stainless and 4150 chrome moly steel with a MELONITE QPQ coating – inside and out. Creating MELONITE barrels requires the use of nitrogen and carbon to create a powerful nitride layer. Nitride treated barrels are able to protect from corrosion, increase the hardness of the steel and provide exceptional protection against heat caused by multiple firings.


Find everything from 18” barrels to 10.5” barrels for sale that are perfectly designed for both tactical and competitive applications. Faxon Firearms is a leading manufacturer of some of the best AR15 and M4 barrels on the market and we carry the best they have to offer. Buy today to enjoy our low prices and fast shipping on all orders.