CMC 2-Stage & Single Stage Triggers

If you want a customized drop-in trigger for your AR-15, we sell several CMC drop-in triggers with different pull weights. CMC is an American company that manufactures triggers in Texas and is known for precision crafting and reliability. Military AR-15s usually have heavy trigger pull. If you want to be able to shoot your rifle without pressing your finger as hard on the trigger, we offer products that have a light trigger pull weight.


When you buy a CMC trigger from us, stage classification is also an important consideration. We offer single-stage and 2-stage CMC AR triggers. A two-stage trigger comes back slightly and then comes to a very light and crisp stopping point. Once you pull back past that stopping point, you will have a very clean trigger break. If you have a heavier trigger pull and want to improve your accuracy, you may prefer a two-stage trigger. We have flat and curved CMC triggers for sale, and they are made from alloy steel and T7 tool steel.


Choose from individual triggers or full trigger kits to completely upgrade your setup. We utilize a live inventory system to move product quickly and keep prices down. Call us or shop today!