AR-15 Multi-Tools & Cleaning Supplies

To keep your AR-15 in good condition, proper cleaning and maintenance tasks are essential. Regular cleaning is especially important to prevent corrosion, which happens faster if you use corrosive ammo. This is true even if you have a chrome-lined barrel. We offer a wide variety of AR cleaning tools, such as gun cleaning brushes, and other gun cleaning supplies. Our inventory includes trusted names such as FrogLube, Hoppe's, TekMat, Otis and several others. If you want a multipurpose tool for loosening different components of your AR-15, we have several styles of armorer's wrenches.


With high-volume use or with rapid firing of your rifle, regular oiling is a must. We sell high-quality oil for the metal parts of your AR-15 to keep them functioning smoothly. We also sell a liquid that serves as a cleaner, a lubricant and a preservative. It leaves a wax-like surface that protects internal parts and extends the rifle's useful life. For thorough cleaning, we sell bore brushes, chamber mops and bore snakes. We also offer brass patch holders that are thick enough to facilitate proper removal of residue. If you are a new rifle owner and want a variety of basic cleaning supplies, we offer cleaning kits as well. Each AR cleaning kit includes a rod, several bristle brushes, jags, swabs, cleaner, lubricant and a guidebook. We are proud to sell American-made supplies and tools. If you have questions about buying the right cleaning supplies, we are happy to answer them.