Carbine and Tungsten Buffers for AR-15

When the impact of your rifle seems too rough, a buffer is often a good solution. If you want to maintain proper function and reduce recoil, shop our selection of aluminum and heavy buffers. These aftermarket parts work by reducing the velocity of moving parts. The reduction in movement means less impact on internal parts and a longer useful life for them. Our inventory includes reputable brands such as Spike's Tactical, Kaw Valley Precision and CMMG. Although most of our buffers are designed to fit a .223 AR-15, some will fit other calibers and M4s. There are also specialty AR buffers, 9mm buffers and spacers for 9mm builds.


When you install a high-quality buffer in your AR-15, there is less bolt bounce. Some products, such as the heavy tungsten buffer from Kaw Valley Precision, also reduce buffer rattle, which is a common problem with standard carbine AR buffers. As you shop for buffers, consider how much you want to quiet the action. Heavier buffers quiet the action well and greatly reduce the impact of moving parts. Although some of our buffers only weigh a few ounces, we also offer one that is 7.5 ounces. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee on their buffers. Shop today.