7.62 Short-Barrel Rifle & Pistol Barrels

Many AR-15 enthusiasts like short-barrel rifles because they are faster and easier to handle. If you want to add a shorter barrel to your AR-15 but do not want to sacrifice too much velocity, 10.5 inches is a good length to choose. We offer Faxon Firearms carbine-length 7.62 pistol barrels. The American company is known for its innovative parts that are designed with the highest-quality standards.


This barrel is made from certified gun barrel steel. The barrel was designed by competitive shooters for optimal versatility and performance. Also, it blends two of the most advantageous performing profiles in history. There is a .750 gas block journal that gives way to a pencil profile toward the front. With this special style, the weight that is typical at the front of a barrel is reduced. The main benefit for you is easier handling. Also, it increases heat resistance. Shop for 7.62x39 pistol and SBR barrels at RightToBear.com and get great discounts, with free shipping on select orders!