AR-308 & AR-10 Parts For Sale

We carry AR-308 and AR-10 parts for your semi automatic 308 Winchester rifle builds. Choose from our selection of DPMS and SR-25 platform accessories, including Magpul Pmag magazines. You can select either DPMS High or DPMS Low style handguards for your 308 Winchester AR rifle. Whether you decide to go with the DPMS platform or the Armalite AR-10, make sure you choose the correct 308 AR Bolt Carrier Group. It is important that you select the correct large frame AR BCG and 308 buffer tube. POF makes an anti tilt buffer tube which is ideal for minimizing premature wear, and is notorious with 7.62x51 builds.

Minimize weight by choosing one of our lightweight large frame AR receiver sets made by 2A Armament. It is important to note that AR10 or 308 AR rifles contain proprietary parts that are not as interchangeable as the AR15 platform. Be sure and check with the manufacturer before assembling your large frame 308 Winchester rifle.