Glock Takedown & Build Tools

With our high-quality Glock sight and pin tools, you can make your Glock pistol more accurate and easier to use. For precision and durability, the TRUGLO front sight tool is a good choice. It is compatible with all Glock pistols and makes the process of installing a new front sight much simpler. TRUGLO is a trusted name for both handgun tools and fiber-optic sights.


If you want to make magazine loading quicker, we sell an SGMT speed loader for 9mm ammo. However, it is also compatible with .45GAP, .357 and .380 rounds. Since mag loading is challenging with cold hands, this product is a must if you plan to shoot outdoors during colder months. Glock disassembly and installation tools are helpful for thorough inspection and light maintenance. Our disassembly tool’s handle is designed to give you a firm and comfortable grip while you partially or completely disassemble your Glock pistol. Be sure to check our sale page frequently for good deals on other Glock parts, and get fast shipping right to your door!