Streamlight Tactical Mounted AR15 Lights

If you work in law enforcement, practice shooting in low-light conditions or want to add a light to a home-defense weapon, shop our selection of Streamlight tactical lights and switches. Streamlight has been around since the 1970s and is a trusted brand for reliability and longevity. A rifle light gives you the upper hand when clearing an area or in the event of a nighttime intrusion. We sell remote door switches and tape switches to fit with various rail-mounted lights. The remote door switch is essential if you plan to use your TLR on a shotgun or tactical rifle. However, read the switch description to ensure compatibility if you have an existing light.


We offer Streamlight strobing tactical lights with bright and steady beams or strobes. The powerful lights have a long lifespan and are bright enough to give you the clarity necessary to protect yourself. Also, some of our products come with interchangeable rail keys to fit a variety of guns. We also have products with ambidextrous switches for easier use. If you need a light that is waterproof, read the description to ensure that it meets your requirements.


Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our selection of Streamlight weapon-mounted lights. We utilize a live inventory system for fast, reliable shipping.