Enhanced AR 15 Trigger Upgrades

When you buy an aftermarket AR15 trigger online, it’s similar to that satisfying feeling of finding and placing the final piece in a puzzle. With a variety of styles and materials available from brands such as ALG Defense, Geissele, Rock River Arms and Spike’s Tactical, Right to Bear Arms and Supply is sure to have the right mil-spec AR triggers for the job. You may consider purchasing one of the many 2 stage triggers that we carry. Two stage triggers offer key advantages over single stage triggers.

Weapons enthusiasts can buy AR15 triggers online from Right to Bear that include two-stage functioning to increase accuracy, or even a buffed nickel Teflon or nickel boron trigger for the smoothest pulls and breaks. Our enhanced AR15 triggers also come in full lower parts kits, so any build can have a strong, coherent design while still meeting military specifications.

After finding the right mil-spec AR trigger and finishing a build, many hobbyists enjoy trying out different parts to compare the quality of various build components. Right to Bear has the parts necessary for any AR15 build, and it’s always a good idea to have backup parts on hand for when the urge to build strikes again.