AR15 Bolt Carrier Groups

No AR15 build is complete without a high-grade Nickel Boron bolt carrier group - BCG . Right to Bear Arms and Supply proudly sells these core components from top-of-the-line brand names, including Anderson Manufacturing, Rock River Arms, Spike’s Tactical and WMD Guns.



Investing in a quality AR15 bolt carrier group is the best way to prevent malfunctions in the long run. We offer quality NP3 bolt carrier groups (nickel Teflon BCG), NiB-X bolt carrier groups (nickel boron BCG) and FailZero BCGs that reduce cleanup and wear and tear due to their durable coatings that reduce friction and buildup over time. Heat treated, chrome plated and mil-spec are some of the features that best describe our selection of quality bolt carrier groups for sale.In addition we provide Nitride and Melonite BCG's



When you buy an AR15 bolt carrier group for sale from Right to Bear, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality parts from the experts most familiar with AR15 builds. Any bolt carrier group for sale from Right to Bear will exceed all expectations while matching military specifications, providing the most accurate AR15 builds available.