Anderson Manufacturing AR Parts & Accessories

Anderson Manufacturing is a name that has been trusted for more than 50 years. From automobile parts to gun parts, it has provided the military with many reliable products. These are just two reasons why we offer AR-15 parts from Anderson Manufacturing. If you want to build your own rifle, we sell both upper and Anderson Manufacturing lower parts kits, with lowers that accommodate multiple calibers.


You can find Anderson bolt carriers if you want to upgrade your current one; choose from a nickel-boron finish or phosphate finish. We sell buffer tube kits, collapsible Anderson butt stocks, charging handles, flash hiders, Anderson AR barrels and several other parts. You can find every part needed to make your AR-15 fire smoothly and reliably. If you want an entire Anderson lower build kit, we sell one that comes with durable Magpul furniture. Shop our selection of Anderson Manufacturing parts and equipment today, save with great discounts and get fast, reliable shipping.