Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) Quick Detach (QD) Muzzle Devices

RTB carries a full line of AAC suppressors, flash hiders, muzzle brakes, and AR-15 style suppressor parts and accessories. This includes but not limited to the 51T, 90T, Ti-Rant, Titan SD & SDN line of silencers. Advanced Armament Corporation is an Alabama-based manufacturer of firearms, silencers and muzzle devices whose parent company is Remington Arms. They are known as the "Silent Authority".

Find several quality products from this most notable of firearm silencer manufacturers, including Advanced Armament Corp suppressors and different AAC muzzle breaks. In fact, AAC has been chosen by the U.S. Army for use of their muzzle devices. Check out other muzzle devices for 9mm, 7.62mm, 5.56mm and .45 auto weapons. Demand reliability and durability from your silencers.


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