Superlative Adjustable Bleed Off Gas Block & Piston Systems

We've partnered up with Superlative Arms to bring you a wide variety of AR-15 Adjustable Bleed Off Gas blocks and Gas systems. Most adjustable gas blocks reduce gas by restricting the gas port, which causes excess gas to bleed out the front of the barrel and blow back into the action or in your face. Superlative bleed off adjustable gas blocks allow you to fine tune your gas system by bleeding the over gas directly from the gas block to the air. Reducing gas with an adjustable gas block is a must when shooting suppressed. When using a suppressor, your rifle will generate a ton of extra gas, which blows back into the receiver, your face and in your eyes. When using a set screw or clamp on adjustable gas block, you will find that you do not need special charging handles, such as the Gas Buster or Griffin Snatch.

Using an adjustable bleed off gas block or piston system allows you to use a lightweight BCG and buffer, which minimizes recoil significantly. Superlative Arms adjustable gas blocks allow you to take advantage of the low mass BCG and buffer. Because you have less reciprocating mass traveling back and forth, you do not need nearly as much gas. A lightweight bolt carrier group combined with an adjustable gas block, will make your AR15 in.223 or 5.56 recoil like a BB gun!