Ultradyne USA AR15 Sights & Compensators

Ultradyne USA is an American parts manufacturer that is known for precision and quality. It is also known for sharing valuable information and news updates with firearm enthusiasts. We offer several Ultradyne AR15 parts at great sale prices. If you want to direct the muzzle blast forward as much as possible, choose one of our available Ultradyne AR compensators. The Athena compensator is compatible with the Dynamount sighting system, and the Mercury compensator helps reduce recoil. For improved performance and recoil reduction, the Apollo compensator is also a good choice.


We offer C4 flip-up front and rear Ultradyne AR sights as well. While most sights require you to align a circle within a square frame, Ultradyne's design uses a circle inside a circle. This means you can focus and shoot faster with confidence and accuracy. There is also a combination set that includes the flip-up front and rear sights along with a compensator system. Upgrade your rifle’s setup today with the selection of Ultradyne USA AR15 parts and accessories available at Right To Bear.