AR-10/DPMS .308 Magazines

You can trust RTBA's inventory of AR-10 magazines to accommodate your .308 or 7.62x51 AR rifle build needs. We carry a variety of Magpul .308 mags specifically designed for SR25/M110 pattern rifles to choose from. Shopping from a round-capacity-restricted state? Look no further than PMAG .308 10-round. This lightweight option is affordably priced and compatible with a wide range of commercial rifles available on the market. It also offers a bundle of great features, such as an impact-resistant polymer construction and a stainless steel spring to withstand corrosion.


Higher-capacity DPMS AR 10 magazines are also available in our catalog. Here you will find a 20- and 25-round magazine as well as a drum PMAG for 50 rounds. Look no further and trust the Right to Bear Arms selection that offers DPMS .308 magazines that are proven to satisfy the needs of thousands of AR-10 enthusiasts.