7.62x39 AR Barrels

If you have an AR, you can also have a .30 caliber rifle. Right to Bear stocks 7.62x39 barrels to make your favorite rifle shoot one of the most popular rounds on the planet. You can either replace your current barrel or get another upper. Swap out the standard BCG for a 7.62x39 bolt carrier group and you are ready to go.


Choose from 7.62x39 mid-length barrels or 7.62x39 AR pistol barrels to get the solution that perfectly fits your needs and style. All are button-rifled for superior accuracy. Each barrel is made from 4150 steel and is magnetic-particle tested to make sure you will get years of service. Right to Bear's AR 7.62x39 barrels all have a QPQ nitride finish for superior performance and durability. These 7.62x39 AR barrels fit standard Mil-Spec uppers.