AR Bipods & Bipod Mounts

When every shot has to count, you need maximum stability and support. When every shot has to be perfect, you need a bipod on the front of your rifle. A gun-attached monopod or bipod delivers superior stability and maintains maximum maneuverability because you don't have to juggle a separate pod with your gun. Don't have a bottom rail? The KeyMod and M-Lok bipod mounts attach to your handguard. With an M-Lok bipod or a KeyMod bipod mount, you keep all your tactical gear in place.


If the extra support is just too much for some situations, a quick-detach bipod comes off in a hurry and goes back on just as fast. The M-Lok bipod adapter allows you to mount a full bipod without attaching a rail or making other modifications to your firearm. The bipods fit any firearm that supports a quick disconnect or quick mount.