Glock OEM FFL Frames

Shop our selection of Glock 19/23/32 OEM Gen 3 frames if you need a new one or if you plan to build your own. Choose between black or OD green Glock FFL frames. This complete frame is ready for building with compatible standard or custom Glock 19, 23 or 32 parts.


Glock pistols are known for simplicity, safety and reliability. One of the main reasons why so many people choose Glock pistols and parts is because they are light. With a lighter weight, they are easier to handle. Since this is a complete pistol frame, it must be shipped to a qualified FFL. If you do not have access to an FFL and can finish some extra work yourself, see our DIY frames that are 80 percent complete. If you own a business and plan to make regular orders from our site, sign up for our discounts and promotions to receive special offers. Shop our selection of FLL Glock pistol frames today and save.