Belly / Athletic Holsters

Right to Bear Arms and Supply is now offering a selection of Belly Band or Athletic style holsters. These holsters are one of the more recent additions to the world of holsters. The belly holster was invented to increase the comfort of concealed carries. These holsters are fantastic for larger more burley men who have trouble with the pinching and sticking of the more traditional OWB and IWB holster options. Belly carry also is extremely useful for when you are exercising, jogging, or running; ensuring your piece always stays secure and in reach. Another unique quality is their ability to be worn high or low on the abdomen. This means if you have hi rise jeans, a crop top shirt or any loose-fitting clothing; the band can be adjusted to conceal.



Features of the Belly Holster includes extra pockets, extreme flexibility, easy to wash, easy to put on, and much more. Pickup your belly band today!