Ankle Holsters

Right to Bear carries a collection of ankle holsters. These holsters may be slightly less accessible then their IWB and OWB counterparts, but they are far easier to conceal. This is because they wrap around your leg and can hide under jeans or pants very easily. Another thing to consider is these holsters excel in situations where the operator is in the sitting position. It is very convenient and easy for someone who is seated in a vehicle or wheelchair to access the lower leg region where the holster is kept. Some even include QD (quick detach) features such as thumb breaks and release clips. Although these holsters originally grew in prominence because of police and leo use, they have since expanded into the civilian market.

With brands like Alien Gear, Crossbreed, and Galco expanding into the ankle holster industry; you are sure to find the right holster for you. Shop RTBAs selection of ankle holsters today!