Inside Waistband (IWB) Holsters

Right to Bear carries a wide variety of IWB or Inside Waistband Holsters. The IWB design in usually intended for concealed carry situations. They come in a range of materials and sizes as well. Some of the materials include Kydex, steerhide, horsehide, polymer, and non-slip fabrics. The majority of IWB holsters utilize a claw or wing system to keep them in place. But in recent years the mountless “cling” or “stick” holsters have been gaining traction. These are inside waistband holsters that grip to your body, cloths, or waist via the use of special clingy materials.


IWB holsters also come in varieties that cater to attachments or furniture. Things like leaving space for a flashlight or laser, incorporating a pocket for additional magazines, or even keeping the top side open so optics and sights can be holstered. Pickup your Inside waistband holster up today!