Rock River Arms AR15 Parts

With plenty of great building guides and video tutorials online, the popularity of Rock River Arms kits for lower receivers has grown. From roll pins to take-down springs, the complete kits come with every part needed to complete your lower receiver. Choose from multiple options depending on whether you want a two-stage trigger or a single-stage trigger. Rock River Arms is known for quality and affordability, which are two paramount benefits that are required for any item added to our inventory.


We sell other individual Rock River Arms parts and accessories as well. If you are fine-tuning your AR-15 to be as precise as possible, we sell two-stage trigger group kits. A two-stage trigger requires less muscle force or movement to pull the trigger, which means a steadier hand and less movement of the rifle. If you are planning to do long-range shooting, a two-stage trigger can make a significant difference. We sell butt stock kits as well. Additionally, we carry tactical and chrome bolt carrier groups if you need a high-quality replacement or a durable product for a building project. Shop with and save.