Magazine Holsters

Right to Bear is proud to announce our expansion into magazine holsters. Gaining popularity and use amongst the gun community in recent years, the magazine holster has become a must have for many EDC (everyday carry) setups. They ensure the operator is always at the ready when the ammo gets low. Various companies have joined the lineup to offer magazine holsters such as: Pit Bull Tactical, Alien Gear, Cross Breed, Sticky Holsters, and more. Much like regular holsters, magazine holsters also come in specific sizing options for specific model mag shapes. Single and double stack variants available. They also come in IWB (inside waistband) and OWB (outside waistband) options too. Another recent innovation is the belt loop magazine holsters. This style is unique because when not in use, the operator does not even notice the extra fabric wrap around their belt. Always on hand when you need that extra clip. Pick up your magazine holster today!