Holosun Red Dot & Reflex Sights

Hunters and competitors who demand excellence in holographic red and green dot sights know they can count on Holosun. Holosun reflex sights offer the extended battery life and other features of far more expensive optics and deliver this at a much lower price. Some of the Holosuns come with a solar panel to save your battery for those low-light conditions.


Holosun's red dot sights mount to Picatinny rails, and some pistol versions attach to the RMR mount atop the slide. These scopes are equally at home on shotguns and ARs. The Holosun optics family also offers the perfect scope for home defense. The Shake Awake setting turns on the scope any time the weapon is moved. You don't have to worry about finding the "on" button when the situation is critical.