Magpul Industries AR Parts

Magpul Industries is known for its high-quality polymer and composite products made in the United States. We sell Magpul PMAGs for AR-15s, so if you need a rifle magazine that holds 10, 30 or 40 rounds, we offer several choices. In addition to the standard AR-15 magazine design, we sell window PMAGs that show you how much ammo is left. Extra dust covers are sold separately.


We offer a variety of Magpul Industries AR accessories and upgrades such as hand guards, slings, mounting plates, flip-up sights, trigger guards, pistol grips and more. The wrap-around rubberized texture of a Magpul pistol grip gives you a firmer grasp even in adverse environments. If you are looking for a replacement AR-15 butt stock, we offer CTR and MOE stocks from Magpul. These drop-ins give you durability along with a lighter feel. Our Glock and AR-15 Magpul Industries AR parts are both affordable and reliable. Shop with us today and save on the manufacturer price!