AR10/DPMS 308 Bolt Carrier Groups

If you ever wanted an AR 10, now is the time to build one. Right To Bear has the DPMS-style AR10 BCG to let you get the most from every pull of the trigger. Our .308 bolt carrier groups come from the industry's top manufacturers. Each LR 308 BCG has to pass the exacting standards at the plant and then meet our requirements for long-lasting performance.


Choose from a black nitride finish or the 308 nickel-boron bolt carrier group for a more eye-catching appearance. Both finishes will deliver years of superior performance and resistance to the elements. Before you order, make sure your AR 10 uses the DPMS 308 bolt carrier group. Some AR 10s use the Armalite platform. Because the military never officially adopted the AR 10, a Mil Spec AR 10 does not exist. Of the two styles of AR 10, the DPMS is far more common.


Shop our AR308 and AR-10 bolt carrier groups today and save on manufacturer prices with our great discounts!