6.8 SPC & .224 Valkyrie Parts

You may have already heard that the military is adopting 6.8mm rounds after using 5.56 rounds for years. This is because they offer superior ballistic quality in small-frame AR receivers and are capable of staying supersonic longer. If you want to enjoy these qualities during your range time, we make the transition affordable for you. With our selection of 6.8 SPC and .224 Valkyrie bolt carrier groups and barrels, you can upgrade your own rifle.


We offer 6.8 SPC and .224 Valkyrie BCGs from both Toolcraft and CMMG. Both options are optimal if you want to build a 6.8 SPC rifle or a .224 Valkyrie. These products are inspected meticulously before they make it to our inventory shelves, and Toolcraft offers a lifetime warranty on its bolt carrier groups. You will also find CMMG 24" .224 Valkyrie barrels. With this product, you have the assurance of top performance for long-range accuracy. The barrel has a nitride finish and was constructed with the highest standards to ensure durability.


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