Right To Bear Clothing and Gear

Right to Bear, Arms and Supply has its own fashion line. If you ever need extra gear for fishing, hunting, a day on the range, or just an afternoon out on the water- we have your back. We have caps, shirts, backpacks and so much more. Our gear is water resistant and made of the most durable materials around. We avidly field test and improve our own gear on a regular basis. We want to ensure you remain fashionable without the cost of functionality. Most importantly of all safety trumps everything. We’re here to outfit each and every customer with the most reliable clothing and gear that the industry has to offer so that each and every one of you feels 100% prepared to conquer your own personal challenges and the challenges that the world brings to your feet. We want to turn your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strengths with our top-notch products. We plan to expand into shirts, collared shirts, jackets, hats, and much more!