6.8 SPC and .224 Valkyrie AR Magazines

To accommodate the needs of a discerning hobbyist, Right To Bear Arms offers a selection of magazines for intermediate cartridges, including 6.8 Remington special purpose cartridge and its derivative .224 Valkyrie. Both 6.8 SPC magazines and .224 Valkyrie magazines are primarily sourced from ASC and PRI and are available in high- and low-capacity configurations. Looking for a budget-friendly option? We’ve got you covered with our selection or 5-, 10-, 15- and 25-round 6.8 SPC mags by ASC. RTBA offers these ASC 6.8 SPC magazines for sale at unbeatable prices. Searching for a quality-engineered .224 Valkyrie magazine? Then look no further than our selection of Precision Reflex magazines, also available in a variety of capacities. These magazines feature an increased feeding reliability thanks to the fully-welded construction and the added Magpul anti-tilt follower.


Shop for your next ASC 6.8 SPC or PRI & Magpul .224 Valkyrie magazine at Right2Bear.com and you won’t be disappointed.