Bear Creek Arsenal Barrels

When you need to replace your AR barrel or simply want to get better performance from your AR platform, get a Bear Creek Arsenal barrel. Bear Creek Arsenal barrels come in gas system lengths of carbine, mid-length and short pistol. Bear Creek barrels also come in the most popular AR platform calibers like the Bear Creek Arsenal 300 blackout barrel. Build a second upper with a Bear Creek Arsenal barrel as the starting point.


Bear Creek armory barrels come in fluted or non-fluted formats. Contour options range from lightweight to heavy. If you need to trim weight from your AR, choose the lightweight fluted option. Pick the twist you need to match the bullet weight you load. The standard twist is 1:7, 1:8 or and 1:9. Choose your finish from black nitride, Parkerized or stainless steel. Get improved feeding with the M4 style feed ramps in every barrel.