Troy Industries AR Accessories & Upgrades

Troy Industries designs high-quality precision parts that are reliable enough to be used by the military and law enforcement agencies. Enthusiasts and competitive shooters who want only the best often choose this brand. If you want top-of-the-line parts for your AR-15, shop our selection of Troy Industries AR15 parts, including flash suppressors, mag release devices, safety selectors and sights.


With the Medieval flash suppressor, you will have a part that is strong enough to also be a breaching device if necessary. There is an ambidextrous safety selector that’s more secure than regular safety levers, and it yields a more positive feel without trigger operation interference. If you are a left-handed shooter or if you prefer versatile parts, we sell an ambidextrous magazine release from Troy Industries. We also offer front and rear folding sights in two color options. Folding sights allow you to remove them without making any permanent modifications to your rifle. Shop our selection of Troy Industries AR upgrades, receive fast shipping on every order and save a bundle with discount pricing.