DuraMag Magazines

RTBA is proud to carry a wide selection of Duramag by C Product Defense. Their lineup of steel magazines ensure the utmost quality and durability. Traditional polymer magazines fall short in extreme weather conditions, this is where Duramag thrives. Their magazines are tough and coated in a premium T-360 total coating. These features in conjunction with their rock-solid lips, auto-leveling followers, and EVERFLEX springs makes for one of the smoothest experiences of any magazine on the market. They come in a broad variety of calibers as well. 9mm , 5.56, 6.8 SPC, .224 VALYKYRIE, 6.5 GRENDEL, 7.62, .308, .450 BUSHMASTER, .458 SOCOM, and 6.5 CREEDMOR just to name a few. CPD even designed Duramags in a range of colors to choose from. You can get magazines in the traditional black, grey, blue, red, and even pink!


So what are you waiting for? Browse Right to Bears broad selection and pick up your very own Duramag Speed or Duramag SS today!