AR-15 Tactical Rail Mount Flashlights

Mounted tactical lights are useful for low-light target shooting and for home defense rifles. We offer a variety of AR rail-mount flashlights and related parts from Streamlight, a company known for its reliable handheld flashlights and mounted weapon lights. Streamlight is based in Pennsylvania and makes its parts in the United States with the highest standards. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty for its products.


Our AR-15 tactical flashlights come in several brightness options. If you prefer something very bright, we have lights with 800 lumens. A light with 300 lumens is better if you prefer something for low-light shooting. Also, we have mounted strobe lights that are better for home defense rifles since their purpose is to disorient intruders. We also sell a variety of switches for easier use of your chosen tactical light. If you have a tactical rifle or a shotgun, the long gun remote door switch is a good choice.


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