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AR Pistol Build Kit Parts

If you're looking to build an AR15 pistol then you've come to the right place. We carry a wide variety of 223, 556 and 300 blackout pistol and SBR parts. Choose from our wide selection of short barrels and pistol buffer tubes. Our pistol barrels are classified as any barrel length under 16". Our pistol and SBR barrel lengths range from 6" to 14.5". In most states you can legally build an AR pistol as long as you do not use a stock; however, there are many pistol braces that will give you the same feel as a stock. KAK and SB Tactical make specialized pistol buffer tubes with dimples that allows you to utilize a KAK blade pistol brace and adjust "stock" positions.

Please make sure you are up to date with Federal laws to ensure that you are building a legal firearm. Local and state laws change often in regards to AR15 pistols, so make sure you are up to date and consult a lawyer if you have any questions. We are not lawyers and our category and product descriptions shall not be considered legal advise.