AR-15 Stock & Buffer Tube Sets

If you are finishing an AR-15 pistol build and want to adjust your blade more securely, our KAK Shockwave stabilizing blade kit comes with the necessary parts to complete it. We also have a buffer tube kit that features a Magpul Slim Line stock and a 6 position adjustable buffer tube kit. This kit is superior because it comes with 7075 metal instead of 6061. We also carry other types of Magpul buffer tube and stock combo kits in our inventory, and they also come with 7075 metal. Additionally, they each have an anodized type III coating for added durability.


We have a Spike's Tactical M4 kit with a T2 buffer if you want the same kind of stock kit used for law enforcement rifles. As an added bonus, the stock kit comes with the Spike's lifetime warranty. You will also find a variety of compact and fixed AR-15 stock and buffer tube kits in multiple color choices and classifications. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions on our stock and buffer tube combo sets. We offer great discount pricing on several kits and free shipping for select sets!