CMMG 9mm AR Upper Receiver Parts

One of the most advantageous sizes of firearm for personal protection is the 9mm. These weapons have low recoil and can be purchased at affordable prices, yet they are versatile and offer significant penetrative force. When CMMG 9mm submachine guns were released, some owners were unsure whether they would perform, but they became popular due to their ability to have a common caliber for retroactive outfitting.


At Right to Bear Arms and Supply, we carry a full range of 9mm rifle parts for outfitting rifles such as the AR15. Our 9mm AR parts include 9mm SBR uppers and CMMG SBN short barrels. You can also purchase a 9mm AR BCG for a complete retrofitting package. We are a group of retired veterans, and whether you are buying CMMG 9mm upper receiver parts or a 9mm heavy buffer for an MK9, we are experienced at providing the highest-quality products at the lowest prices.