ODIN Works AR-15 Parts & Accessories

When you want to upgrade your AR-15 with high-quality American parts, shop our inventory of ODIN Works AR-15 accessories. The team at ODIN Works is known for developing products after identifying areas for improvement on common parts. If changing your magazine interferes with your focus at the range, consider an ODIN Works extended magazine release. There are multiple options, and each one features an ergonomic design for added comfort and a more secure grip.


We also sell a variety of sizes of tighter barrels for your AR-15. They are all made from stainless steel, and each product comes with a free turnable low-profile gas block. If you want to improve accuracy when firing, a tighter barrel is especially helpful. To replace the factory gas block when you add a handguard, shop our selection of low-profile gas blocks.


When you purchase select ODIN Works AR upgrades, we’ll offer free adjustable gas blocks with your order! Shop today and upgrade with the tactical products from ODIN Works.