AR Rifle & Pistol Build Kits

Right to Bear has AR build kits that let you customize and maximize your new AR platform firearm. Build your own AR in a choice of colors, barrel lengths and trigger groups. Choose from rifle, carbine and pistol configurations for your needs. Most of our build-your-own-rifle kits come with everything you need for a complete build other than the stripped lower receiver itself! The stripped lower is considered the firearm and needs to be transferred to an FFL dealer of your choice. You can add your choice of sights, optics and other accessories, also available from Right to Bear. We also stock AR mags.


Find out what all the excitement is about with a 300 Blackout complete build kit. Add a can and shoot subsonic ammo to reduce the noise to conversation levels. Our 5.56 rifle kits will handle the NATO round and the .223 Winchester round. Bring your own lower receiver or get one from Right to Bear. When it is time to go custom, find exactly what you want at Right to Bear.