Stabilizing AR Pistol Braces & Buffer Tube Kits

If you like short-barreled rifle alternatives or pistols and want to make your AR-15 as compact as possible, one important component is a pistol brace. Many firearm owners prefer AR pistol stabilizing braces because the ATF may not require a tax stamp for them. Shop our selection of ATF-compliant stabilizing adjustable AR pistol braces to find reliable brands such as Spike's Tactical, SB Tactical, KAK and more. We have standard designs and skeleton versions of pistol braces, and there are options that feature cheek weld ergonomics. Also, we sell a variety of AR pistol buffer tube kits, which include SB Tactical SBA3 and SBA4 buffer combo kits. Rest assured that all products in our inventory are made in the United States. A pistol brace gives you added stability and improves accuracy. However, it is not meant to be a shoulder stock.

If you are new to purchasing these adjustable pistol stocks or are unsure about laws regarding short-barreled rifles, please refer to the ATF's guidelines and your state's laws before you make any purchases. Keep in mind a tax stamp may not be needed for an AR pistol, but a tax stamp is required for SBRs. Shop today for great sale pricing and free shipping on select items!

Rest assured that we only use 100% made in USA adjustable buffer tube kits, which are made from 7075aircraft
grade aluminum.