Strike Carbine Length Pistol Receiver Extension - Choose Color

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Strike Carbine Length Pistol Receiver Extension in Black, FDE, Red or Blue

The Strike Industries Carbine length Pistol receiver extension is designed to be a serious piece of hardware for the end user that isn't willing to accept second best materials for their firearms. While some other brands may consider AR pistols as a range toy, we at Strike Industries believe there is a serious role for AR pistol PDWs, and should have hardware to match.

The pistol receiver extension features a supported, anti-rotation buffer retaining plunger. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum construction, the CARPRE offers much greater strength than your standard 6061 tubes. A convenient sling swivel is machined into the back to facilitate "push-pull" operation.

The Slick Version features an all-around smooth profile to mount other popular aftermarket pistol braces as well as our Strike Industries Viper Pistol Stabilizer.
The Rail Version has an integrated picatinny rail for rear monopod support or to store extra parts or picatinny storage solutions.

7075-T6 Aluminum

Package includes:
1x Slick Carbine Pistol Receiver Extension

  • Type II Anodized in FDE, RED, BLUE
  • Type III Anodized in BLACK
  • Fits onto any standard AR receiver.
  • Supported buffer retainer
  • Built-in QD socket at rear
Maximum Purchase:
10 units