AR Muzzle Devices

A great way to add control and functionality to an AR15 or another short-barrel rifle (SBR) is with one of several AR muzzle devices which easily attach to most barrels. The muzzle of your rifle is responsible for many of its performance attributes, including recoil, flash, blast signature and lift, but these can all be controlled by directing and venting the heated gases flowing out with a muzzle device. While nearly all AR rifles benefit from a muzzle brake or an AR15 compensator, you may also want to consider a dedicated flash suppressor.


AR suppressors, also known as AR flash hiders, vent muzzles so they evenly disburse gases and unspent gunpowder, which produce visible flashes of light upon discharge. A flash hider allows the gases to cool before they burn, which helps in nighttime operations. Muzzle brakes from Lantac Tactical and Dynacomp, on the other hand, tame the reverse discharge of rifles to reduce recoil.