Aero Precision VG6 GAMMA 762

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Aero Precision VG6 GAMMA 762

The VG6 GAMMA 762 is a high-performance muzzle brake for eliminating recoil. It was designed using state of the art engineering techniques, utilizing CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). This product is 100% CNC machined for optimal performance.

The GAMMA 762 is a muzzle brake and compensator hybrid that virtually eliminates recoil and muzzle movement during firing. The unique combination of both muzzle brake and compensator functionality inspires shooter confidence and allows for quicker follow up shots.

Optimized for use with full power rifle cartridges, the GAMMA 762 is the perfect choice for taming the recoil on everything from AR308s to your favorite bolt action rifle.

Updated chamber design features improved gas flow and rigidity. By leveraging modern design principles both functionally and aesthetically, we continue to keep the VG6 product family at the cutting edge of muzzle device performance.