CMMG Drop-In AR22 Conversion Kits, Parts & Accessories

AR22 conversion kits enable you to replace expensive ammunition with cheaper 22-caliber rounds for practice shooting. Our line of parts include an AR conversion kit, CMMG drop-in .22 conversion kit, 22LR AR15 parts and 22LR conversion parts that enable you to replace expensive ammunition with the less expensive, steel-cased ammo that’s suitable for target shooting. We carry parts and conversion kits for AR22 conversions including 22LR bolt, 22LR barrel and 22LR magazine parts that work seamlessly with CMMG conversion kits.


Conversion kits can change the nature of your rifle for controlled rapid firing so that you can shoot a single round or multiple rounds without spending too much on ammunition. CMMG conversion kits, bolt carrier groups, 22LR barrels and magazines are affordable, reliable and an easy way to upgrade an existing AR on any budget.