9mm AR15 Barrels

The 9mm AR has become a popular choice for those who want the AR experience without some of the hassles that come with it. A 9mm AR gives the operator the ability to train with cheaper, easy-to-access ammunition. The low recoil of the 9mm AR system makes it ideal for weekend shooting and training new shooters. When you want to take the next step and build or modify an AR system for 9mm, we carry the quality 9mm AR15 barrels you need to create a quality 9mm AR you can be proud to take to the range.


We only handle superior-quality AR15 9mm barrels from American manufacturers, such as Ballistic Advantage, CMMG Inc. and Faxon Firearms. Whether it’s a 4.5-inch pistol barrel, a mid-length carbine barrel or a full 16-inch straight profile barrel, Right To Bear has the quality American-made barrel you need. Shop our selection of 9mm AR barrels for sale and get great discounts and free shipping on select products.