Fail Zero M16/Full Mass Nickel Boron EXO Bolt Carrier Group - (Black)

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FailZero M16/Full Mass Nickel Boron EXO Black BCG

If you're looking for a tactical advantage in your shooting, this FailZero black-coated bolt carrier group is a great choice. It features the company's EXO Nickel Boron coating over all critical components and then all parts are coated in black for a non-reflective advantage. However, areas prone to wear will eventually lose their topcoat (read below for more information). FailZero's patented Nickel Boron coating is ideal for longevity and performance. This process adds natural lubricity, improves durability, increases resistance to corrosion and helps resist wear.

Pick up a FailZero black-coated Nickel Boron BCG, fully assembled and ready to drop into your build. Be sure to contact us with questions or concerns!


  • 5.56/.223-compatible bolt and extractor
  • Bolt carrier
  • Extractor
  • Cam pin
  • Carrier key
  • Firing pin
  • Exterior black topcoat

*Please note that ramps, rails and contact points such as carrier ends will wear, causing the Nickel Boron beneath the black coating to be exposed. Non-wear areas outside of the carrier tend to retain their black overcoat, and critical non-wear areas such as the dust cover will remain black.

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