Nickel Boron M16/AR15 Bolt Carrier - Carrier Only

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Nickel Boron M16/AR15 Bolt Carrier - Carrier Only

This M16 Bolt Carrier comes with a properly staked gas key and is coated inside and out with UCT EXO Nickel Boron. UTC EXO Nickel Boron is a top of the line coating used by the most reputable manufacturers such as: FailZero, Spike's Tactical, Right To Bear, etc.

These faceted AR15 / M16 carriers can be used to build any small frame AR caliber complete BCG. Just add a caliber bolt of your choice. You can pair these carriers with the bolt completion kits below to assemble a complete BCG.

5.56 Bolt Completion Kit

7.62x39 Bolt Completion Kit

6.8 SPC Bolt Completion Kit

.458 SOCOM Bolt Completion Kit

6.5 Grendel Bolt Completion Kit

  • Coated Inside & Out With UCT EXO NiB
  • 8620 Tool Steel (Carrier)
  • Mil-Spec Gas Key (4130 Steel) attached with Grade 8 hardware and Properly staked
  • Carrier is polished before plating for increased lubricity
  • Lifetime Warranty
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