Always Armed Nickel Boron Complete Bolt Carrier Group M16 BCG (5.56)

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Always Armed Nickel Boron Complete Bolt Carrier Group M16 BCG (5.56) - Polished

Introducing the M16 Bolt Carrier Group that seamlessly integrates into your M16, AR15, or M4 platform rifle. Each part undergoes meticulous machining and appropriate heat treatment in accordance with Mil-Spec, and is then fully coated with Nickel Boron using UCT's proprietary EXO Technology.

AA's Bolt Carrier Group, adorned in Nickel Boron, is specifically engineered to ensure your rifle operates with silky smoothness, requires minimal maintenance, and continues to perform efficiently even through extended periods without cleaning. Each element, from the extractor to the firing pin, is crafted to military-grade precision for unparalleled control. Additionally, AA's 9310 MPI BCG is versatile, designed to be compatible with the AR15, M4, and serve as an M16 BCG.

Key Features:

  • Interior and Exterior Coating with UCT EXO Nickel Boron (NiB)
  • Bolt made from Enhanced 9310 Steel
  • Carrier fabricated from 8620 Tool Steel
  • Mil-Spec Extractor Spring, accompanied by black extractor insert and Viton O-Ring
  • Tool Steel Extractor
  • Shrouded Firing Pin for safety and durability
  • Mil-Spec Gas Key constructed from 4130 Steel, secured with Grade 8 hardware and expertly staked
  • Bolt undergoes shot peening and MPI testing for resilience
  • Carrier is polished pre-plating for heightened lubricity