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Cerakote 80% Lower and Upper Receiver Set Cerro 80% Lower & Upper Receiver Set w/ Cerakote and Engraving Option
MSRP $120.00
Base Price $67.00
Savings: $53.00

Cerakote 80 Percent Complete Receiver Sets w/ Engraving Options

If you need a high-quality Cerakote receiver set with an upper and an 80 percent lower, we offer a variety of affordable choices. Our inventory includes several attractive Cerakote finishes with laser engraving options, such as titanium, blue-tinted titanium, bronze and tungsten. The receivers are made from heat-treated aluminum, with magwell art engraving. Please note that the upper receivers will not fit into the unfinished lower receivers until the lower section has been machined and finished.

The main benefit of purchasing a set from us is the incredible savings. If you buy an 80 percent lower receiver from us but purchase an upper receiver somewhere else, you may spend a lot more. Also, you have our assurance that the upper and lower components will match perfectly in terms of their finish, which is an aesthetic advantage. We sell jigs and all of the necessary tools to turn your receiver set into your own AR-15. As it is with single 80 percent lower receivers, these receiver sets are not technically firearms and are not regulated as such. They do not become firearms until you machine and finish the lower receivers. Please be sure to review your state’s regulations on firearms before purchasing, and contact us today if you have any questions.